Thursday, October 25, 2007

Darling popped by my place,
and surprised me a stalk of rose to cheer me up
when i was muuuugging for Geography yesterday.
It's so pretty, Super aaaaaaw! :]

I'm like, So pampered. [:

I saw them sleeping together this morning,
and i found it so sweet and cute!

I couldn't sleep till like 5am last night,
Tossing/turning in bed,
I told mummy and she said it's because i'm too stressed. ):
I think i used my brains too much or sth,
Seems like it can't stop functioning or sth,
And i keep re-capping what i've been mugging the whole night!

  • T = Transport
  • E = Energy
  • L = Land
  • L = Labour
  • C = Capital
  • M = Market
  • G = Government
  • R = Raw Material
Like, Pu-lease luh! STOP REPEATING IN MY HEAD!

But i'm like a super last minute person,
Like, i can get these all in my head
when i studied like one day before the exam,
But there's a high chance,
When you ask me to start remembering
all these crap like 1month ago, I won't.

Okay, So i got boyf & my cheena pok
to give me a morning call this morning!
I was like super worried that i might
wake up at like 12plus, as usual.
And i won't have enough time to do some last minute revision.

So i woke up at like 1030am, but instead of doing revision,
I ended up shopping online! (I know, WTH!)

ASOS Grecian Trim Top

Urban Outfitters Lux Quilted Strap Silk Tunic

And i bought this, "Indelible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner"

They said that it's better than fluidline from MAC
(Which i'm using now!)
So i wanna try! :D

And so, 100bucks fly awaaaaaay!
Byebye Cash. $

And yay, Torrid spree loot's arriveeeed,
& I'm picking it up from the spree organizer's place tmr!
Everyone spree organizer should allow self-collection man,
I could save sooooo much on registered mail,
Cos i've actually lost 2 items by normal mail on separate occasions.
So i don't dare to use normal mail anymore.

Coach's wristlet on the way to Singapore,
La Senza's in the mail on it's way to meeeee.
Triple yay! :D

Okay so the mainpoint is, GEOGRAPHY PAPER!
It's pretty easy to me, but i totally fucked up!
  • Question 1 is Map Reading
  • Question 2 is this Graph about Rice Yields in 3 countries, Aero/hydro-phonics.
  • Question 3 is about Development.

Development's the chapter i studied &know EVERYTHING ABT!
I was so so so blur, or stupid, whatever you say.
That i thought i had to do all 3 questions!
But infact, i just had to pick on question between Qn 2 & Qn 3.

I was just completing half part of Qn3 when i just realise,
i was just suppose to do one!
When i say half part of Qn 3, i mean one full page for just the half part.
And so, I fucked up and wasted my time
on a effing damn RICE fucking qn.

I'm so pissed with myself!
Like, i knew all my points and facts that'll make me score for qn 3,
and i fucking screwed up! ):

And i proceeded to Qn 5, Development too,
And wrote a full page, my handwriting is like total crap.
I hope the BoGeh, Blondie-wig Ahma in Cambridge
and forgive me for my horrible scribbling. Pleeeeease! ):


I was just looking through some of
my photo albums when i was a baby/kid
Because boyf said he wanna look at them,
I had like SO many pictures of myself as a kid can.
My mummy gave birth to a natural cam-whore baby!

And i saw really funny things that makes me wanna laugh!
The kiddy-versions of all my childhood church friends,
I really should take a youth-version of us now.
It's just so weird/funny to see to kid version!

And my performing in Kindergarden,
Wearing this teenie weenie bikini, shaking &dancing (Damn Vain!)
in those hawaii straw skirts in the midst of other little girls.

I should really scan some of the pictures and upload them some day!
it's really nice seeing kiddy version of me being so smiley.
I wish i could be smiley as how i used to be, in those pictures.

If one day i do HAVE a kid, Which i actually, won't want.
(you guys shd know how much i hate kids.)
I wish for a smiley, camera loving kid! :D

Anyway, I'm selling a MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner for a friend,
It's been lightly tested, just once.
But she felt that it wasn't suitable for her, thus she's selling.
It's only been dabbed light once, so she's selling at 25SGD
Whereas you get it at MAC at 28SGD.

Anw, I'm using MAC's Fluidline too,
Personal favourite. Have been using like for 1year,
One pot of these can last you for a long long time!

MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner, BlackTrack (Black) , 25SGD.
Click here for colour swatch.

Interested/any enquires,
Please contact Janice @
She won't bite! :D

04:26am now, Goodnight.
Loves and please tag! :]

I'm going so so so so so insane from all mugging!
Yes, i know. I'm bonkers.
I've been studying all day, so don't blame me! ):

Tomorrow's effing GEOGRAPHY paper,
0230pm - 0400PM @Bartley Secondary.
I'm gonna party my ass off after o's.
That's like, the only motivation.

For now, It's gonna be Mug/Crap/Snack/Sleep/Mug.
And of cos, as usual a TEENIE BEENIE
bit of online retail therapy. :D

I bought a pair of denim leggings online tday!



Anw, i think somebody asked how to do
i calculate the $ in Asos right?
Asos's stuff is in Pounds, so it's actually

POUNDS x 3.14 = SGD

And this is an old picture of me smiling with my teeeeeth,
I think i look so awkward smiling with my teeth lah.
And they're not like super straight and nice :

This is such a stupid post!
HAHAHAHAS, just wanted to take a break from
all the frigging studying and rant.

I promise you def good posts, good pictures, AFTER O'S!
O's makes people lifeless, crazy, hair-pulling manics,

That's an Unrealisable, Stupid,
Wait-Long-Long-Then-Have DRRRRREAM.

Okay fine, I'm going back to my Real-Life-Kanasai-Mugging.
ByeBye, Love you &please tag! (:

Monday, October 22, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

:) : Will be posting up the price list for cosmetics
that we're gonna import soon!
I'll check with my supplier if they've Clarins,
Any other brands you'd like me to lookout for you? (:

Janice: You're Yq's Janice right?
Somebody sent it to me alrdy!
Btw, i don've your msn right?
Add me,
pretty pretty please!

Hey, Passerby: It's okay!
At least i'm not hiding my bare face! :D

Sher: Hahahahas, are you sure you
wanna sleep with my meeko/Nutella?
You'll wake up with piggy poop all over your face!
Hehehehe! Love you lah. :D
After O's, After O's.

My La Senza Spree took only 4 days to reach me!
I'm so suuurprised!

O's, I hate O's!
I'm like super stressed out now,
  • 3 more days to Geography.
  • 7 more days to English 1&2, Maths 1.
  • 8 more days to Maths 2.
  • 10 more days to POA 2
  • 15 more days to Social Studies, Pure Bio 2.
  • 23 more days to POA 1, Pure Bio 1.
De-stress, de-stress, need to de-stress.
745pm @ Mac with my cheena pok to study again.
O's please quickly end faaaast! Fuck O's!

So anw, Saturday was Brandon's 21st Birthday,
Went t town with my boy to get a little present for him.
Got a belt from Topshop.

And i wanna complaaaaain!
My boy abuses animals!
Kidding lah, Abuse me and starve me half to death
dilly-dally-ed and made me wait &wait till 4pm before
he slowly drive his toot toot car and came to fetch me.
Late King. Hate it.

So much time, so i started curling my haaaair.
The purple highlights from the photoshoot
is becoming blond highlights!

Boyf like the curls, and he said i looked korean-ish. :D

Need a haircut, the fringe's like shit. ):

So we went to Cineleisure &ate at the
Korean Bbq chicken thingy place!

Boyf's sister in Australia was really nice
and she sent something back for me!
Dessert Treats, the brand's by Jessica Simpsons.
It's a Candy scented frangrance,
She's really cute, the last time she sent back a
Smackers Candygloss & Now she sent a Candy frangrance! :D

Boyf finally got me my favourite Royce white chocolate!
Time to pamper your girlf, right? :D
Flowers & Chocolates.

Asos RoadTrip Printed Halterneck,
My favourite place to shop!

Some Forever21 lovin'!

Anw, I'm selling this BRAND NEW
Damsel Leopard Underwire Bra
from Urban Outfitters.

(Click t Enlarge!)
Urban Outfitters Damsel Leopard Underwire Bra link.
Click here for more views.

Sheer leopard printed bra with lace trim at the underwire cups.
Trimmed with a velvet bow at the center.
Adjustable straps; hook & eye closure.
Imported. Hand wash.

*Moderate coverage
*Hook & Eye closure
*Fits true to size

1st of all, Would like to clarify with anyone interested in this item,
And it's brand new, Not even taken out of
the dustbag for trying for hygiene purpose.

I like the design so much,
Love the cute vlevet bow in the middle.
But UrbanOutfitters shipped me the wrong size. ):
It's 32A instead of 32C, Thus I'm selling.

Got it at 17+SGD inclusive of shipping
but selling at 14SGD with a meetup to save on postage!

Only one piece available. (:
Interested or if you've any enquires,
Please email/msn me!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hey darling, I'm just wondering
If i bring in cosmetics/skincare from overseas.
Which is in most cases, brands not available in singapore
&are much cheaper as compared to getting them from
Singapore's Watson/Metro/John Little.
Would you order from me?

Brands like:
CoverGirl, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel,
Neutrogena, Bare Escentuals, Too Faced,
Smashbox, Bourjois, Elizabeth Arden,
H2O, N.Y.C Colours, Physicians Formula,
Red Earth, Clinique, Queen Helene Mask.

Eyeliner - Colourstay by Revlon Cost below 10bucks,
Eyeshadow - 12 Hours Eyeshawdow Quad below 10bucks too!

Obviously i can't be naming out
every single product & the exact cost here.

Please leave me a comment on your views
on my tagboard/email/msn me okay!
Thanks alot!

And regarding the question on my tagboard:
"If you're bringing these cosmetics in,
Will you be selling us at a higher price
to make a profit out of it?"

Hello dear,
Me & my partner have actually found an overseas supplier,
In my opinion, the prices they quote us are really cheap,
Thus we had this thought of importing these cometics.
However, We do need to cover our costs
like Shipping Fees and all.

Which i dare say, the latter doesn't comes up cheap.

And we do have to earn just abit,
but i promise it will not be as expensive
as what you see in watson/
Metro/John Little!
We've compared the prices our supplier quote us with price from Watson/Metro/John Little, And they are really cheaper!

But price varies for Brands like
Bare Escentuals, Too Faced,
Which are not available in singapore. (:

Please do ask if you've anymore questions!


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Sher: Hahahas, My bed is like so teenie weenie!

Yelrihs: My chinese's peeeeerfectly fine!
Only my dialect is like, totally cmi. :D
I wanna go to the icecream plaaaace,
Blueberry Cheesecake icecream! Drools!

After the argument yesterday night,
Somebody finally took the initiative to
perk me up with some pleasant suuuurprise! (:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve Roses! :D

He called and woke me up at 12:30pm,
(I slept at 4:30am!)
And gave me only 15mins to wash up,
bath and change &rush me to have lunch with him! 0.0

I usually take 2hours to prepare luh.
At Least, Two hours.
So i didn't even have time for foundation &everything.
Just some eyeliner &out of the house!

So the 1st thing i saw when i opened the car's door
is my pretty pretty bouquet of roses! :D
I was like really really happy!

The last time i received such big bouquet of flowers,
is last year's v'day, when he surprised me with them
&i got to hug the roses all arnd school all day. :D

They made my day,
to be pampered with something so sweet,
without a reason, special occasion.

Please pardon my horrible un-made up face &flat hair!
I need a hair cut soon,
but i need to wait till my right side grows longer.
Quick quick quick!

Seeee! Driving, eyes not on the road.
Still peeping at the camera.

I look crazily happy! :x

So we went to bishan's "Ding Tai Feng" for lunch,
And i had my favourite favourite faaaavourite
Xiao Long Bao & Dan Dan Mian!

I wanna get a new camera, the cotton candy maker.
Must! :D

So anyway, i met up with my boy at night
after he was done with some recording stuff,
and we had dinner over at his place,
Watched "The Brave One" by jodie foster.
Salt &Vinegar Chips with Kinder Bueno.

So after the movie we were slacking arnd
and he play this song "Tears in Heaven"
and told me about the story background of this song.

Tears in Heaven
From Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia

" Tears in heaven" is a ballad written &
performed by Eric Clapton about the pain
he felt following the 1991 death of
his four-year-old son, Connor,
Who fell from a 53rd-storey window
in his mother's NYC confominium.
By all accounts, the death was simply tragic accident,
and Clapton was distraught for months afterwards.

I searched for the song and listen to the lyrics
it's was so sad &emotional and i cried listening to it. ):
I think i'm super emo, but it's so sad!

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you feel the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on
cause I know I dont belong here in heaven...

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?
Ill find my way through night and day
cause I know I just cant stay here in heaven...

Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart, have you begging please...begging please

Beyond the door theres peace Im sure
And I know therell be no more tears in heaven...

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you feel the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on
cause I know I dont belong here in heaven...

Please send me the song if you have it! (:
Msn/Mail me @!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Wan: Thanks!
Mug Mug Mug,
I'm starting to pull off all my hair!

YL: Interesting? Hhaahhas, It's so boring! :x

Sher: Haahahas, My bestie passed me a whole,
whole stack of her Pure Bio notes luh!

Nicole: Heh, I bought my boy's tee
from the sch spree as yooou.
Sigh, i'm so over spending luh!
And i saw your blog,
That pair of birks you bought is ohsoniceeee! :D

Gail: I've no idea leh girl,
It suddenly turned well after sometime,
Probably because i'm not so stressed. :D
When i'm like super stressed i get little blemishes.
Which is like, NOW. ):

Sleepover at my place after i'm done with effing O's please!
We'll watch sth scarier this time,
Hide under my blankies and SCREEEEAM! :D

I'm sipping on some warm chamomile tea,
Ahhh, this is so relaxing.

I miss Roselle Rhythm from Dozo.
I'm gonna make it a habit t have some rose tea everynight after my o's.
Great skin, here i coooome! :D

Oh yeah like seriously,
Do you guys think wanting boyfs to become more sweet,
showering us with more love &springing us with surprises
making the r/s a tad bit more exciting is like,
being materialistic?

  • Boyfs surprising you with a single stalk of rose without any occasion,
  • Making mash potato for a girlf who loves kan-tang. (Potato!)
  • Boyf popping by while you're mugging/stressing out like crazy.

Little sweet surprises like these,

I totally do not think that way,
I feel that it's just a way of spicing up the r/s.
Walao, Seriously don't know why,
we got into an argument out of this. ):

Wanting some guys to become more romantic
(And do things mentioned above)

Is like, a dream come true.
I'll have to wait another 20thousand years.
After our precious Earth orbits around the sun
for another effing 20 thousandyears.
Romantic guys are so hard to come by!

Can't guys just wake up and realise the fact that,
When boyfs butter up girlfs, do sweet stuff
They get a happy girlf, smile, cheeeese, no black face.
Which in return would treat Boyf even better?

Always must be the girlf trying hard to
please Mr I'mSoImportant Boyf is it?

Then, In most cases,
My Boyf will take advantage of Girlf's goodness,
And will not treat girlf sweetly!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I accompanied my Grandma to the hospital
on monday for her cheeeeckup,
And we went shopping &she bought me a Creative Zen! :D

I was contemplating to get a Ipod Nano Vid,
or the new credit card sized Creative Zen,
But Creative Zen has FM, have Recorder luh,
this and that which th Ipod obviously lose out on.

One strike off my
Need Them', Can't Resist! list
(Look @ Left sidebar under Tagboard)
I'm totally looooving it!

But i was so pissed the night i bought it &excitedly went home,
wasted hours transfer all my videos/songs/pictures
then i don't know for what stupid reason it just jammed there!
Like for the ENTIRE night okay!
Jammed at the damn shutting down screen. -.-

Thank god for the 7-day exchange policy.
I went to change for a new one the next day,
And i friggin love it!

The next morning i had my Pure Biology practical exam
I was suppose to report at 745am @Bartley Secondary.
But i went my dad fetched me there early anyway,
So i had breakfast alone,
And i was reading my notes and eating,
&started to get really really stressed out!

Texted my boy &He called back
(He was on morning-shift guard duty)
And told me t calm down, not to worry and stuff.
I like.

So anw, when i reached Bartley.
The teacher asked me to hang arnd
at the parade square with a group of
other Biology students from Bartley and wait there.

It was so awkward lah!
Apparently, I was the only private candidate
taking the exam that day. (like wth!)

But anw, i was really really very surprised
they are very friendly and welcoming!
I think, if it's my old secondary school,
The students will just give the private candidates
a weird look then ignore them.

So the practical was pretty OKAY,
i spent an hour on the paper, Checked,
Checked &Checked till i've got nth to do,
Then started burning the extra seeds specimens
with the bunsen burner. It was extreeeeemely boring!

I was in the frigging 1st shift so
we had to be quarantined till 130pm,
A whooping 4hours! Damned!

So i mugged with them for the whole 4hours!
The teachers were really nice and they bought
some mid-day snacks for us incase we were hungry! :D

Last saturday or friday?
I don't really rmb, I've some goldfish-brains! :x
We went to eat craaaaaab.

But i still prefer to ohsoyuuuummy butter crab from amk!
Some silly camwhoring before our food came.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mmmm, Yummy.

Anw, In case you darlings didn't know,
My boy had this song he composed in the CD
produced by Virtuoso Music.

You can get this CD from all MJ music stores in Singapore. (:
Just ask for an ARC challenge thingy cd.
Here it is:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I bought a V-neck tee for my boy which i'm certain he'll love it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And a ohsogorgeous halter dress from
i'm so in love with it.

I'm so overspending!
It's like, i spent Coach Wristlet ($130)
+ My Boy's tee ($45) + Halter Dress ( $52) +
Torrid spree, Old Navy spree, Bigi spree.
GAWD. Online shopping's addictive.

I want the Talking Japanese Watch from Fredflare,
Seeee! So frigging cute. I WANT!

I want more ASOS,
I want Drugstore, I want Wetseal.
I wanna shooooop! *Pouts*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I seriously don't know why,
Recently people keep asking me things like,
Are you really pure chinese?
You look Japanese or whatever but you don't look chinese!

Or else, It'll be, Are you sure you're chinese?!
Your chinese sounds so KAN-TANG (Potato) lah.
And Apple says even when i say cheebye
it sounds kantang-ish.
What the hell can.

My chinese is perfectly fineeeee! *Stomp feets*
I've got A in PSLE, B3 in O's for Chinese, Okay! :x

And i don't wear contact lens!
Jeline have been asking me that,
That girl i just knew from bartley asked me that,
Some Survey guy asked me that,
and i forgot for god sake who asked me that.

Like WHY! 0.0
I can't even wear contacts,
It's so troooooublesome,
I've to drip eye drops 24/7 if i were to wear contacts.
I dunno why it gets so so so dry and painful!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Went mugging with my Cheena Pok @Deifrance Bistro tday.
I personally don't like it there, the service sucks.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Byebye! It's 3:21am and i'm getting sleepy
and over-relaxed from the Chamomile Tea! (:

Friday, October 12, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):

Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Hey: Haahas, thanks!
I prefer my short hair anyday too! :D
And thanks for your well-wishes,
Continue to support him alright?

Yuanqing: Cheena Pok loh!
I'm going gaga from all the studying today.

Huiting: Hahahas, Anon. *rolls eyes*
Thanks for your compliments!
Which huiting are you btw?

Curious: That's a pimple, heh.
So what if i'm big? :D

That Lady: Really? I'm gonna go there
and take a look after i'm done busying with o's!

Really arh? Omg,
Not gonna go for shisha anymore! Hahaahs.

YL: Hey babe, Thanks! :D
Why do you love reading my blog?
Hahahas, like very funny luh!

Bao: Huh? You mean the Cotton Candy Maker is it?
Really arh? don't ship to singapore? Oh man.


Total Price in SGD: [68 x 1.53] x 1.04 x 1.07 x 1.07
+ (1 x S$3) = S$126.88
This is how you calculate for Coach. (:

Blah: I simply mean i don't smoke!

I'm super stressed out now! Like suuuuper.
Pure Biology Practical in 3days. Oh fuck. ):
And 11more days before O's officially starts.

Stressed, Boom Ba.

So yq & I were at Mac mugging as usual afew days ago,
And Ahyong was there and he suddenly
carried a plastic bag with a plastic tank &put it infront of us.

It's like i had a weird feeling that
it's something weird in there lah,
So i asked him to take it away,
And when he showed us what's in there.
Both of us reacted like how normal girls would.
Whoops! :x

Here, Look at that thing!

It's big big big big big, hairy ass!

damn gross lah,
He said it's his friend's and they feed it
with those small white mice.
But seriously i think it's so cruel. ):

Imagine yourself being devoured
by a hairy-ass creature like this?
And that's how those mice feel when they're being feed to it?
I'm sympathising with those poor white mice.
Just ignore me. ):

Gross! My hair was like standing when i saw it luh!

Went to watch "My DNA Says I Love You"
with my best friend ever!
She's looking so pale because she just got off work
from the childcare we used to work tgt!
Those monsters from hell! :x

Okay, side-tracked abit.
Bumped into Danny &Trixy at the elevator @PS!
Singapore is oh oh oh so small.

The movie's that kind, when you've finishing watching it.
You simply dunno what to think of it as.
But, heh cute guys in it anw,
So i think i was okay!

Anw, I've been downloading Die Hard movies
and watching them. Whooo!
Done with Die Hard 3 &4.
I think it's really nice and thrilling lah!

She's like, The cutest thing ever!

Did my nails! :D
Yeah, Tania? Heehehehe.
Come over my place and stay again after my o's!

My new boy's cage.

I woke up at like 12plus today,
And decided to make paaaancakes
with my favourite maple syrup! (:

Pictures credited to

Fits UK 6 to 12, Elastic back
Ptp 12" Stretchable to 18"
Length 20" Not inclusive of straps

Product Details
Ruched front
Pleated detailing down front
Elastic back
Material: Jersery
Colours available: Black

I'm selling this Sexy Ruched Halter Neck Top in BLACK.
It's Brand New, Bought it for 31bucks plus postage.
Selling @ 25Bucks with a Meetup.
Sold out in Tracyeinny.livejournal, Eclatbella.livejournal.

Looks great on people who've broad shoulders!

Add me on Msn/Mail me
If you've any enquires or you wanna grab this sexay top!

Sorry for this rushed post, My boy's booking out now
And he's coming to fetch me for dinner!
Yeah, at like 10:14pm. ):

STARVING! But its okay,
Cos we're gonna have my favourite butter crab
&Golden Buns! Are you drooling? Hehehe.
Tag! :D